…in a tweet.

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…apparently blithely unaware of projects like Gamescast.tv. (Or maybe not? @PHedemark at least seems rather down on the project.)

I can only come up with one plausible reason for this, and it reminds me of the Futurama episode ‘The Problem with Popplers.’

                         Good point, not interested. But these
                         Popplers, these are great. How much
                         you sell 'em for?

                         A dollar a dozen.

                         You'll never make money that way. You
                         supply 'em to me and I'll sell 'em for
                         two bucks a dozen at my restaurants.
                         I'll even pay you a dollar a dozen.

                         Yes! I'm gonna be rich.


The explosion in the diversity of of live streams being produced by individuals and smaller outfits is a tremendous asset to the scene as a whole. I can only extrapolate a strategy towards MLG-centered consolidation from this…but as always, could be perfectly benign informal polling.

If anything it provides another topic of conversation for this evening.