It’s been a slow week in this space due to a pretty busy week in other spaces, in addition to my collegiate sleep habits finally catching up with me. Turns out I just can’t swing 2am gaming binges on weeknights anymore.

I hope this week will be different. I have a particularly busy evening tonight, in which I’m dashing home early to hop on the phone with Andrew Clark of ESFI and Sundance DiGiovanni of MLG for a quick chat. Yes, before the interview he’s doing on State of the Game (grmbl). I’ll have it posted as soon as I can, but I’m going to defer to ESFI on this one and wait until they have a corresponding writeup finished.

I’m all ears if you’ve something burning to ask MLG leadership but haven’t gotten the chance. The comment thread on this post is a good place to put ‘em.

Later on this evening I’m slated to appear on the vVv podcast ‘Losers Bracket’ for a quick stint as a punching bag. Jokes aside, it should be a lively discussion, and I’ll update this post with details as to somewhere you can watch live if it exists (pretty sure it does). The show/recording kicks off around 10 ET and I do hope that you’ll decide to watch tonight’s Day9 Daily on blip tomorrow and come kibitz the discussion.