Everyone I’ve talked to about this game, who has the franchise on their radar at all, have crapped themselves at the latest gameplay trailer.

If it’s possible to soil your knickers at three second bursts of gameplay footage, it’s been done. And I suppose it’s hard to blame those that have, some of the short cuts included there look as if they’re ripped straight from a movie.

My reservation regarding BF3’s quality is the lack of anything suggesting they’ve put thought into the core gameplay, and not just the visuals and underlying technology. Rumors of a single player scenario featuring a seven-story building being toppled by an earthquake makes for one legitimately cool gaming moment, but it’s single-shot; once you’ve seen it once it loses its punch. Destructible environments could potentially make for some interesting gameplay, particularly on the mulitplayer side, but it’s also possible to screw this bit up royally.

That said, the above is the only real innovation that I can find in the actual gameplay of BF3 when compared to it’s predecessor. Combine this with the fact that they’re trying to entice pre-orders by giving away the first expansion (yup - expansion already planned), which is just a rehash of old BF2 content anyway, and I’m going to wait for a demo before I purchase this, thanks very much.

64-slot multiplayer? Yea, you had that in BF2…six years ago. Servers that ran at that size were laggy, and gameplay at that scale was just a massive clusterfuck anyway.

Jets? Yea, you had that in BF2…and weren’t even close to balancing them properly, both amongst themselves and with the rest of the game…six years ago.

Loads of vehicles? Gee, thanks for bringing the trademark feature of the franchise along.

At least they’ve mentioned that getting character animations to actually reflect some semblance of reality is a good sign. (Fuck off, dolphin divers.) I’m not prepared to take them at their word on this, since the previous thoughts on this topic, as implemented in BF2, included an 8 foot vertical jump with the ability to pronate at the top of it. I’ll wait to see if Snarf can break it first.