As a result of an anonymous tip received earlier this month, has learned that $200,000 (USD) promised to winners from the World in Conflict tournaments held as part of the 2007 CPL World Tour has indeed been paid out. The report has been confirmed by multiple independent sources, all of whom received prize money owed as a result of this competition.

The payments are described to have been distributed incrementally in three installments spread across the last twelve months, with the first arriving in December of 2009 and the last arriving just a few weeks ago. World in Conflict was played by teams of five, and it seems that payments were divided equally among all team members and delivered individually unless otherwise requested.

All sources contributing to this story requested anonymity.

The teams and the payouts were described as follows:

  • Dignitas (England) - $60,000
  • Don’t Care (USA/CAN) - $46,000
  • Inferno Esports (Italy) - $34,000
  • Reason Gaming (EU international) - $24,000
  • Team Druidz (Sweden / England) - $9,000
  • 20ID (USA) - $9,000
  • Schildkröten (Germany - notably comprised entirely of Turtle Entertainment folks) - $9,000
  • Tot Razer (EU international) - $9,000

All sources suggested that the teams operating by themselves did not have any luck in procuring prizes owed; it was only after a third party entered discussions on behalf of the collective of teams that progress was made. I’ve not yet been able to completely verify who this third party is, but it is certain that these events are not in any way attributable to the G7 Teams.

One source described the entire process as ‘touch and go,’ and felt that the entire thing could have fallen through at any moment; that remark was made before the final wave of payments had been received.

All sources did confirm that the schedule for payment and the resulting payments were coming through representatives of the old CPL entity based in Texas (read:, and not from the new management or ownership of the CPL intellectual property, International Digital Media Pte Ltd, based out of Singapore.

I received a digital copy of a check from the final round of payments. It came to me heavily redacted, and I made some further redactions to the check number as to further protect the source’s identity. The check is written from an account bearing the name ‘Cyberathlete Professional League’ based out of PO Box 670663, Dallas TX 75367 - this matches the physical contact address listed on the Contact page at the website.

Check, after intially directing my request for comment to the Singapore-based CPL, offered this comment:

The CPL’s original founder Angel Munoz had publicly addressed the issue of WiC prizes and had stated that those prizes would be paid. The payments were made of an old CPL USA account (now closed) from monies provided by the new owners. Beyond that (and although this is overall good news) NewWorld is not able to publicly comment on any matters relating to the operations, plans or procedures of the new CPL, as per its acquisition agreement with WoLong. Therefore, it would be best you seek further comment from the CPL’s current management.

The CPL was contacted for comment on this story two weeks ago, and has not responded.