I missed this by a week or so because I literally didn’t have a drop left in my TF2 carecup.

Gaming communities can be notoriously fickle with their support of projects. Forums are horrible venues to try and stage constructive debates, and it’s so easy to completely misread a situation based on one forum thread. Look, we can fault lpkane for taking a rather…unorthodox approach towards community management, but we can’t fault him for his ability to plan a course of action and follow through on it regardless of dissent.

Not two weeks goes by since MGE announces that they’re opening a league, and they hit with another announcement that they’re shelving the idea.

After much thought and deliberation, we have decided to put and end to any further development on our 6v6 league.

I am not one to quit something that I have started, however I feel this is the best for the current state of competitive TF2. The last thing I want to do is splinter an already divided community even more.

The decision to start the league was highly based on the amount of support we received that quickly faded away after the esea lan. Teams seem genuinely happy with the way esea is heading and we hear they are making strides in improving their system and actually catering to the TF2 players. Nothing is sure, but hopefully our announcement of a league lit a fire under them to make changes in order for TF2 to grow. So, even without us actually starting a league we will hopefully see some positive things coming from our efforts.

I want to stress the fact that MGE will still continue to do our best to bring the community everything we can, we just feel that a league is not the right thing at the moment.

I also want to thank everyone who supported us and gave their time and effort to helping wherever they could.

I truly want to see comp TF2 grow and will do whatever I can to help in the future.

Oops, just kidding about all that league nonsense! Heh heh, guess ESEA is doing just fine with the game after all, heh heh. rolls from heel to toe to heel

There’s plenty of projects that I’ve started and not followed completely through on, we all have; that’s not the point. The point is, if you’re going to strongarm other projects and ideas out of the way, vacuum up contacts and resources, and make a big announcement to thunderous forum-based applause while simultaneously strutting around like you’re saving the game, you’d better suit up and get the job done.

The stunt that MGE pulled allows for only one take to get it right. It’s over. If anybody thinks realistically that TF2 can break free of ESEA in the states and actually surpass Counter-strike in prize money or activity after this, you need your head checked. North American TF2 is officially ESEA’s bitch. There’s no going back now. If there was any doubt that TF2 had no leverage after the ‘get 50 teams in open or we’re killing the league’ debacle prior to last season, that doubt is gone now.

So, guys, it was a good run. Those that are still going to continue struggling there, I hope you can take solace in the fact that the prize winners in Intermediate took home more in net revenue from last season than any of the LAN participants did. Better luck in TF3-