Wanted to give a shout to some folks that linked me in one way or another this past week or so:

  • CommFT graciously reposted my thoughts on the direction that TF2 is taking in NA
  • Had a great chat with the Kritzkast crew on the same topic and included a fair bit of it in their recent episode
  • Apparently I have a reader or two over on the other side of the pond, as I got a fair bit of referral traffic from this thread, big ups
  • And this all was discussed in the recent episode of the FriendlyFire podcast.
  • In other news, calling out ESEA management seems to generate a good deal of traffic...from ESEA forums. Now if only the website was coded properly and all views weren't served through index.php, I might be able to tell you what thread it's from...

Thanks all.