Just received an additional communication from Ryan Schumacher, wishing to clarify a point on the general theme of the old CPL’s debts outstanding.

We didn’t buy New World, we just bought the IP (domains, trademarks and codebase) of CPL and CAL so we don’t actually assume any of the debt. We’re going to pay out prize money because we think it’s right but we have 0 legal obligation.

This statement passes a sniff test - it’s not implausible, and from a personal standpoint is very welcome news.

Essentially, it seems that Ryan is intent on making good on valid claims on prizes due at some point, however disputes my assertion above that it’s WoLong’s debt, which is a fair assertion. Legally speaking, this checks out; it’s possible to transfer ownership of a brand name and intellectual property from one entity to another without also transferring any debts accumulated through the use of the same.

It’s at the least encouraging that (1) getting quick statements from Ryan is not as painful as pulling teeth, he’s quite quick with responses and follow up, if not entirely willing to answer every question (but that’s to be expected really), and that (2) it didn’t take much to get a clear statement towards the end that the new CPL intends to make good on these debts regardless that it’s possible they don’t have any real obligation to do so.

I’ll continue to follow this new storyline carefully in the months to come.