The ‘G7 Teams’ are a consortium of competitive gaming teams, and is currently comprised of EG, coL, fnatic, mibr, mousesports, and SK.

Back in December of last year, they set up several petitions in the hopes of collecting information about the extent of the prize money still owed by major prize circuits, as well as trying to gather up some collective force of will behind the cause of getting things paid up. The success of these measures is hard to determine, as the entries across these petitions devolved into spams of racial epithets and other assorted nonsense after about a few pages. G7 seems to have come to an estimate of around $350,000 (US) owed to the scene at large across four major organizations: ESWC, CPL, GGL, and ESL.

Towards the end of June we saw the most recent public statement regarding this issue from the G7, in that they were prepared to boycott future ESWC events if they didn’t come through on their debts outstanding from the 2008 circuit. They gave ESWC 90 days to make good on the prizes they promised for the event they held in 2010, as well as balance their books from 2008 - this deadline is fast approaching. They also noted that they would be publicly documenting their plan of action regarding the other organizations within the month - we blew past this mark a while ago as well.

At this point, G7 has not made any further public statements on this matter through their website. I reached out to G7 and received a response along the following points:

  • GGL has been completely unresponsive post their acquisition early this year by Florida-based PrismOne. Trying to spur action by contacting sponsors of GGL events has not worked either. At this point, GGL may be a completely lost cause.
  • A dialog has been started with the ESWC, however no solid plan of action has been agreed to, and it doesn't seem that anything's been paid. At this point we've gone past the deadline that the G7 teams set for a boycott, but it didn't seem as though they were gearing up for one, talks are apparently ongoing, if not moving at a pretty halting pace.
  • Things between the CPL and G7 currently sit at the same point as they do with this blog - they've pledged to look into the issue of outstanding prizes, but deny that they're technically obligated to, and will vet all claims through a process yet to be defined with a third-party yet to be named. Neither G7 nor I have been able to get further details.
  • ESL has been very cooperative, have established a timetable for payments, and have generally been hitting their marks.

I was not provided with more concrete figures as to just how much is estimated is owed by each of these organizations, and I am not having any luck finding more detailed estimates or methodologies of how the $350,000 figure referenced in the petitions was reached.

G7, while deserving a tip of the hat for picking up the charge on this and actually getting some traction on it, deserves a wag of the finger for not being nearly as transparent on this issue as they really should be considering that transparency and communication is at the very heart of this issue, as well as for not following through on really simple deadlines they made for themselves to do things like…post an update regarding the status of this issue with organizations other than the ESWC. I’m sure that the news that the ESL was being cooperative would have been very welcome.

At the very least, we do have the untarnished bright spot of significant progress being made with ESL on this issue. I’m hoping to catch up with David Hiltscher, VP of Gaming Communities at ESL, sometime within the next few days on this topic as well as their recent activities on the ant-cheat front.