I’m just starting to pick up on a particular item of interest within the EU console scene - an organization new to the scene this year, called the European Games Event or EGE, seems to be making some rather ambitious moves as of late. I’m coming to find that maybe they’re a bit…too ambitious; on this point alone I see a big similarity to how the CGS operated - hype, hype, hype.

They held an event back in April that seemed to go off pretty well, thus giving this new organization some credibility even though it was piggybacked on an existing event. They had also announced a second event for Oct 30-31, and named a general location where they figure they would hold it, but details about the specific venue were not forthcoming. Meanwhile, it seems that participants had decided to book flights and accommodations on good faith, expecting EGE to pull their collective crap together in time for the event.

Yesterday it was announced that the October event would be postponed or even cancelled, but that relatively weighty detail to those who had already booked their way was trojan-horsed in a larger announcement about a sprawling campus they intend to convert into the Costco of LAN cafes, which they plan to call the European Games Centre.

Here’s some reports on the latest two announcements out of the EGE from Decerto: http://www.decerto.net/showthread.php?17036-European-Games-Centre-Info-Released http://www.decerto.net/showthread.php?17177-EGE-to-be-Rescheduled

So not only can these guys not properly follow through on their second effort at putting on an event, but they’re also planning to run year-round a facility the size of a suburban high school that does nothing but cater to gamers. Right, smells like a business plan just waiting to succeed.

In any case, while general sentiment seems to be pretty down about these folks right now, there’s no signs of them closing up shop. Will continue to follow whats going on here in the coming months.