I’ve just managed to drag my head out of my first game of Civ V to scribble out some notes quick before I head off to bed. It’s already apparent to me that I’m going to enjoy this generation more than any of its predecessors.

Here’s my plan: I start at Chieftain level, random nation pick, start on ‘small’ for map size but will likely bump up, standard game length, continents. I play on a particular level until I promote myself to the next level by winning three games in a row, or demote myself by losing three games in a row.

At this point I’m about 200 turns in playing Rome. I started on a continent with France and three city-states. Lack of iron within my borders was immediately a problem for me, but I think at this low level it didn’t end up mattering much; I had leisurely put France out of the game around turn 150 and getting all the iron I needed anyway. At this point I’m ramping up for an assault on India, which was isolated on their own continent and has focused to this point on a culture win while letting things like expansion and army building lay aside for a while. Conquest may very well be my best path to victory in this game; conquest is a far more attainable method for victory in this version over previous, as the corruption model has been pared down considerably, and instead of being a function of land mass or population, a conquest victory is defined as occuping all other capitol cities.

Many of the game mechanics have been simplified, however I consider this a good thing, contrary to the views of a lot of reviews I’ve read. I think there’s been a general feeling that the hardcore players needed some pandering in the reviews, but they had to know that if the ire of Civ trolls was to be avoided, the best thing would have been to not review Civ V at all…it’s like trying to review a Star Trek film - you can’t win, some nerd is going to come and validate their existence in the comment thread of your post…

I’ll post some screenshots and some more in-depth thoughts on some of the changes in game mechanics tomorrow when I’ve got a bit more energy-

Update: 9/23

Finished this game, conquest victory. Pretty much rolled to it without much effort; I’ve decided I’m not going to spend more time at this level and bump to the next, as well as play at a larger map size for my second go-round.