Hopefully this will be a more sustainable starting point for this blog, this time around.

The itch to write comes in fits and starts for me. It usually shows up at the most inopportune time. Then I get so caught up in all the random details that go into a blog, that by the time I’m halfway finished with it I’ve forgotten what I’ve set out to write about in the first place.

For instance, when I bought this domain and poured down the wordpress concrete back in May, I had some various gaming related stuff to chew over, some general ‘this is dumb, let me fix it’ kind of random musings, and some ideas on coding that I wanted to share, as they sure as hell weren’t seeing the light of day at my old job. Cue up one Project of Doom and one (surprisingly short for these days) job hunt and all motivation had been wiped. I was having delusions of grandeur as to just how much content over various topics I was going to put out anyway, and the WP theme I hadn’t finished was quickly devolving into mush.

Those of you reading from the gaming scene, expect regular missives on our shared hobby, in particular on what needs improving and who needs expulsion. While I’m quite tired of duking it out on gotfrag with people that clearly have post-abuse syndrome, I’ve certainly not had the luxury of my own space to expand on the ideas I’ve tried to initiate there and on CommFt, etc. The current look of the scene is a long way off from what it needs to be in order to call itself ‘professional,’ and passively waiting for others to do the work it requires to get there will not achieve that status.

By day, I earn my keep as a web coder. While I consider myself more of a generalist than anything at this point, I have a good understanding of PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and CSS. A good portion of this blog will consist of sharing ‘eureka’ moments with the general coding community, as well as documenting my process through a few side projects I have rolling. Currently that includes a WP overhaul for the Screaming Eagles, a small OOP framework I’ve extracted from my ongoing work at NPR, and a turn-based tactics game I’m implementing in the browser.

I’m sure there will also be the occasional rant but I’ll try to keep it light on the 40-proof vitriol. Only when necessary.

I’ve installed a nifty commenting system that seems to have dovetailed itself into the blog pretty seamlessly, and I do invite earnest discussion. Cheers, readers-