(Today is the day of the numbers.)

A comment on the BF2 forums at CAL that I read earlier today sparked this entry, and entirely because of it’s baseless nature. The comment ensued that the 1.3 patch was meant< to drive people away from BF2 and into 2142.

Frankly, if 2142 is gonna need that much help to get off the shelves, they might as well shelf the entire project and do something else. Let’s look at the entire process behind that hypothetical situation: a company craps up a game to encourage people to buy their other crappy game. Now folks end up with two crappy games. End result: end of franchise.

As far as I’m concerned, BF2 should have been the end of the franchise anyway, if they weren’t going to do a remake on :42 on a prettier, more solid engine. Instead, with 2142 they’re going to go head-to-head with id Software, releasing basically the same product after id will be finished with theirs. If they don’t want to take humongous losses on 2142, they better damn well make sure they’re releasing a solid game with no blatantly retarded (and seemingly unfixable) bugs. Release a modified BF2 (which judging from the gameplay videos already out there, is what’s happening here), and bye-bye BF. The hype for Quake Wars is already immense and is ensuring that 2142 is going to either (surpass QW and actually be a quality product out of the box and) be a classic or be a blower (which is more likely).

Either way, I’m not shelling out anything towards it until I see some good press from the folks that know - those of you reading these posts. I saw PCGamer had a recent ‘EXCLUSIVE LOOK’ at 2142. I was laughing to the point where people on the other side of the racks at Borders were looking at me funny. They did the same cover story BS for ‘Nam. What a great game that turned out to be.

Clearly some folks at Dice need to go play some :42 for a week and remember what it felt like before they design another game.