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Shocked at IEM/Quake shock.

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Going to fire off a quick, anecdotally-supported reaction at the reaction to Quake getting the boot at IEM here.

The large tournament organizations are starting to learn that the only thing that matters is the audience. And lets be real, the sheer gravity created by League of Legends’ recent audience sizes made this move a no-fucking-brainer.

So…it’s a good business decision to continue supporting a game that hasn’t shown any real signs of life in the last year or so, when the low-hanging fruit of LoL is just hanging there?

This is esports Darwinism in action. We can lament the fact that one of the cornerstones of the scene has been taken down a peg or two, but the justification for continuing to burn resources on a game that simply has not kept up with the times, for no reason other than sentimental attachment on the part of those that have been around for more than a decade, simply isn’t there.

The only thing that matters is the audience.

The only thing that matters is the audience.